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Friday, October 14, 2005


Von Bek

I think one of the major factors as to why centrist third party candidates have failed in the last ten years (we're seeing a solid example of that right now in VA) was the strange saga of the Reform Party. It was absurd. It really turned off a lot of people as Perotistas, Natural Law TM gurus, Buchananites, Fulani and her gang all clashed and strangled each other.


Actually, there's a very good Libertarian running for Ohio Governor -- Economist, Dr. Bill Peirce: https://peirceforohio.com/


I beleive that we will see an increasing number of I's entering statewide races as the election draws near. There are already rumors in the Oregon Gubernatorial race https://kos.dailykos.com/story/2005/8/24/134230/340
as well as the Conneticut Senetorial race. I beleive Texas has an "I" runing for Governor as well.

Steve Struthers

Minnesota will - for the third election in a row - have a strong third-party candidate for Governor. Peter Hutchinson is running as the likely Independence Party's nominee. www.hutchinsonforminnesota.com

Sideshow Bob

Kinky Friedman is polling at about 20% as an independent in the Texas Governor's race.

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