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Monday, February 27, 2006



Is there any reason to believe that those absurd states laws worked? Does anyone honestly think that they were even a good idea?


I haven't seen any research evaluating the effectiveness of these laws. Although it's flattering to the states when the feds copy their ideas, it does seem that they don't always choose the right laws to copy.

Holly Kessinger

I am finding boxes of this medicine in my ditch in the front of my home. I am an Aunt of two small children that just had there home invaded by the police. There are not any good laws out to protect them from the drug use in their home. Nothing in this town of Beaver Dam Ky will protect them.
Meth is a very big issue here. It is ok that the mother does meth in the home with her children. I want a law that works... They are making it everywhere here.As long as we don't see her use in front of them, there is nothing we can do... How about that Law?

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