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Friday, May 19, 2006


Matthew Behrens

FYI - I'm not sure if this will change your opinion of Sedgwick County or the Feds but HAVA is not an unfunded mandate. It is actually funded quite well.


That's a good point -- Congress had appropriated $3 billion for HAVA as of earlier this year. Some local officials think HAVA is underfunded, but of course that's open to debate.

James Morales

In addition to HAVA funds, there are grant funds available to election officials from the Department of Health and Human Services for improving access to voting, for persons with disabilities. Counties are aided in this grant process by staff in the Secretary of State's office here in Oregon.

Bill Boehm

Let's be clear on the funding. HAVA authorized Congress to appropriate $3 billion. However, they never appropriated the last $600 million authorized by the Act. So states received only partial funding for this mandate.


Thanks for that clarification. It's also worth noting that Congress promised $3.86 billion under HAVA, but has not authorized an appropriation for the final $850 million or so. For example, see this letter: https://democraticwhip.house.gov/in_the_news/press_releases/index.cfm?pressReleaseID=1345

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