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Thursday, August 17, 2006


Ingrid Koehler

Millard Filmore and Chester Arthur didn't come from Middle Tennessee. Nashville also has streets honoring another [adopted] presidential son - Andrew Jackson - e.g. Old Hickory Blvd and doubtless other streets, too.

Had Gore won (or maybe sometime in future) - perhaps some of those Polks could become Gores.

Josh Goodman

In fact, the Polk Ave. I was going to was a block from the site of one of President Polk's homes, so I think it's the one that deserves the name.

Richard Wilson

If the Truman would step across the Ford and around the Bush(s) we could Taylor names to Fillmore city streets and Grant relief from Polk(ing) fun at our presidents.

Alan Ehrenhalt

Native chauvinism aside, there's good reason to name streets after Polk because he was a great president and Arthur and Fillmore really weren't. You might not agree with everything in his program --such as prosecuting the Mexican War -- but he did everything he promised to do and then went home after four years. I can see why Tennessee still shows a little extra pride in him.

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