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Friday, November 03, 2006



"Ultimately, his campaign has the unfortunate resonance of suggesting that concentrating too much on the intricacies of government is no way to run for governor."

Is that not the case?

Steve Struthers

Alan - You might be interested to know that the same paper (the St Paul Pioneer Press) actually endorsed Peter as their choice for Governor.


It doesn't mean he will win, obviously, but it shows that his platform DOES have resonance with many folks - including the Editorial Board of the 2nd largest paper in the state (as well as the Univ of Minnesota student newspaper and La Prensa - the larget Latino newspaper in the state).

Also, I reject the term "spoiler" - since when did the votes cast for a third-party/independent candidate "belong" to one of the other two parties. When thousands of our soldiers are fighting (and dying) to bring multi-party democracy to Iraq and Afghanistan, I find it a bit insulting to suggest that giving voters here in the States a similar kind of choice is somehow inappropriate unless they win.

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