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March 05, 2008

But I Need the Money!

posted by Alan Greenblatt

MigdenState Sen. Carole Migden is suing California's Fair Political Practices Commission, the state's ethics and campaign finance arbiter, in hopes of being allowed to use $647,000 she had raised before taking office in this year's race.

The FPPC had sided with Assemblyman Mark Leno, who is challenging Migden in the June primary and had complained that Migden had already spent $400,000 in funds she shouldn't have used.

In her suit against the FPPC and [Chairman] Johnson, Migden contends the $647,000 in question "could well make the difference" in her fight to retain her Senate seat.

It's not clear to me from the Sacramento Bee story I'm quoting whether Migden has an argument more convincing than that of self-interest. The story does note that the FPPC has previously fined Midgden $110,600 for violations in prior years.


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