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March 12, 2008

Winners from the Spitzer Scandal

posted by Josh Goodman

Only in politics could there be winners when a married father of three pays a woman for sex. Here are four:

Michael Bloomberg: If his presidential tease-a-thon taught me anything, it's that Bloomberg doesn't want his political career to end when his term as mayor concludes next year. He now has a better chance to be elected governor of New York in 2010. Sure, Spitzer's popularity had taken a hit before the scandal broke, but he was still going to be a formidable candidate for reelection.

Tom Suozzi: The Nassau County Executive was a rising star in the Democratic Party until Spitzer dominated him in the 2006 primary for governor. Now will his star rise again? At the very least, he gets to enjoy some schadenfreude.

Joe Bruno: As mentioned yesterday, Bruno and his fellow Republicans now have a better chance of retaining control of the New York Senate.

Republican Governors Association: The RGA was all over the news when it called for Spitzer to resign on Monday, which helped set the media narrative and raised the group's profile.


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