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May 07, 2008


posted by Josh Goodman

After months of fretting, it looks like Delaware Republicans finally have persuaded 2004 candidate Bill Lee to be their party's nominee for governor once again. I say "looks like" because Lee hasn't quite announced his candidacy yet, as the News Journal reports:

He has not said yes and he has not said no, but retired Superior Court Judge Bill Lee -- drafted Saturday as the Republican Party's nominee for governor -- did say he would "proceed toward running" for the office.

That means he will set up an exploratory committee, a committee to raise funds, generally start building a campaign team and see if things click.

Lee, 72, of Rehoboth Beach, was in Florida vacationing with family when state Senate Minority Leader Charles Copeland nominated him to run for the state's top elected office. Eighty percent of the convention delegates -- 250 in all -- liked the idea, snubbing Hockessin pilot Mike Protack as they had in his U.S. Senate bid in 2006 and his gubernatorial bid in 2004, and completely ignoring state employee Dave Graham of Kenton, who had paid the $5,300 filing fee but had nary a soul to put his name into the mix.

"I just came home and my world is upside down," Lee said Monday. "It's very gratifying. It's exciting. I want to do it, and now we'll proceed."

I've compared Lee to Hamlet, but perhaps he was just trying to create a Washingtonian reluctant-politician persona.


ivan swift

Lee lives in Rehoboth Beach, deleware's premier vacation spot, but vacations in Florida? Democrats can destroy him on this one issue, if he is the nominee. I haven't been to Rehoboth in many years, but during my sojurn in Washington we made an annual trek for a week-long stay at 17 oak ave, just a half block from the beach. but lee vacations in florida. i'd take rehoboth over florida any day.

Larry McD

Since he's Senator McCain's age, Mr. Lee probably just has trouble remembering what it was he was supposed to decide.

ivan swift

Larry McD may be right about lee and mccain remembering abilities, especially mccain. he forgot what falwell and robertson were from his old campaign to this one, he forgot where he stood on tax breaks, he forgot what bush did to him in SC. he may have forgotten how long 100 years is.

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