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June 12, 2008

Kenney Fills Out the Gubernatorial Landscape

posted by Josh Goodman

New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch, a Democrat, has drawn a Republican challenger who, at the very least, sounds feisty. From the Concord Monitor:

Calling himself a "New Hampshire kid," Republican state Sen. Joseph Kenney filed to run for governor yesterday. His first act as a candidate: signing on to a voluntary spending cap of $1.2 million and challenging Gov. John Lynch to do the same.

"I'm going to impose spending limits on this campaign," Kenney said. "And as governor, I'm going to impose spending limits on the state of New Hampshire."

Kenney, an Iraq war veteran and 14-year legislator from Wakefield, said the state's social and economic identity is at stake in this election. "I see our state drifting away, turning into northern Massachusetts," he said. "Someone has got to take on John Lynch, and I can't think of any other, better person than a United States Marine who grew up in New Hampshire."

From the standpoint of a political junkie, one of the refreshing developments over the past few months has been the increase in interesting gubernatorial races. Indiana, Missouri, North Carolina and Washington were always going to be competitive, but now we have Vermont, where the house speaker is challenger the governor, and Delaware, where the Republicans finally found a strong candidate.

Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota and West Virginia probably won't be close, but each governor is being challenged by a current or former state legislator, which should lead to substantive campaigns. Even in Utah, Democrats have found someone reasonably credible to run.


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