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June 10, 2008

Knotts to Be Outdone?

posted by Josh Goodman

Today is primary day in three states -- Virginia, South Carolina and Maine -- but there's one race in particular that I'm watching.

Republican South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford has feuded with the G.O.P.-controlled legislature. If there's one Republican who personifies the anti-Sanford sentiments in the legislature, it's Sen. Jake Knotts. Today, Knotts faces a strong primary challenge from Katrina Shealy, a Sanford ally.

Here a summary of some of the issues from the State:

The campaign has centered on Knotts’ contention that he is standing up to Gov. Mark Sanford and out-of-state groups pushing spending limits, tax reductions and school vouchers.

Knotts paints Shealy and Sturkie as heavily influenced by the governor and organizations linked to conservative New York millionaire Howard Rich, such as S.C. Club for Growth and South Carolinians for Responsible Government.

Last week, the battle heated with Responsible Government ads linking Knotts to wasteful spending and Sanford writing a column in The State critical of the incumbent.

Yes, the governor of South Carolina wrote a newspaper column calling for the defeat of a legislator of his own party. Here's a choice paragraph from it (the emphasis is mine):

I remember several years ago asking the chairman of BMW why he did not produce minivans. He said BMW was about a driving experience and that although millions of minivans sold each year, to produce them would erode the brand that thousands of employees had worked for years to build. In the same way, the actions of folks like Mr. Knotts go a long way to destroying what thousands in the conservative movement have worked for years to build.

No love lost, as the saying goes.


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