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July 11, 2008

Veepstakes: The Governors

posted by Josh Goodman

Since February, I've been writing about governors as potential running mates -- sometimes one at a time, sometimes two at a time, sometimes twenty-eight at a time.

Now that the moments of truth are drawing near, I thought you might want one place to see everything I've written:

Florida's Charlie Crist and Arizona's Janet Napolitano

Kansas' Kathleen Sebelius

Louisiana's Bobby Jindal and Alaska's Sarah Palin

Minnesota's Tim Pawlenty

Mississippi's Haley Barbour

Montana's Brian Schweitzer

New Mexico's Bill Richardson

Pennsylvania's Ed Rendell

Utah's Jon Huntsman

Virginia's Tim Kaine and Ohio's Ted Strickland.

Nine buzzless governors:

Alabama's Bob Riley, Georgia's Sonny Perdue, Nebraska's Dave Heineman, North Carolina's Mike Easley, Oregon's Ted Kulongoski, South Carolina's Mark Sanford, Tennessee's Phil Bredesen, Texas' Rick Perry and Wisconsin's Jim Doyle.

Twenty-eight governors who won't be running mates:

Arkansas' Mike Beebe, California's Arnold Schwarzenegger, Colorado's Bill Ritter, Connecticut's Jodi Rell, Delaware's Ruth Ann Minner, Hawaii's Linda Lingle, Idaho's Butch Otter, Indiana's Mitch Daniels, Iowa's Chet Culver, Illinois' Rod Blagojevich, Kentucky's Steve Beshear, Maine's John Baldacci, Maryland's Martin O'Malley, Michigan's Jennifer Granholm,  Massachusetts' Deval Patrick, Missouri's Matt Blunt, New Hampshire's John Lynch, New Jersey's Jon Corzine, Nevada's Jim Gibbons, New York's David Paterson, North Dakota's John Hoeven, Oklahoma's Brad Henry, Rhode Island's Don Carcieri, South Dakota's Mike Rounds, Vermont's Jim Douglas, Washington's Christine Gregoire, West Virginia's Joe Manchin and Wyoming's Dave Freudenthal.



With all due respect, your summary dismissal of Sarah Palin is either profound lack of awareness of political realities, or, a deception. I addressed this on my recent posting to KNBC-TV in Los Angeles as follows:

"We're not fooled by your summary dismissal of Sarah Palin. In all likelihood, Gov. Palin WILL be McCain's pick for Veep. Her positives -- too numerous to mention here and/or I don't feel like recounting them, suffice to say go google her -- far far outweigh any negatives (which are practically non-existent), and assertions of her lack of experience are completely bogus (but if the Dems or their allied-MSM want to allege that, I say BRING IT ON!).

Your, along with the rest of the MSM's dismissal of Palin is due to one thing, and one thing only, YOU ARE ALL DEATHLY AFRAID OF HER ON MCCAIN'S TICKET (because you know deep down with her on it Team McCain and the GOP win in November). But as much as you try to pretend Palin away, or engage in self-denial, she is here, she will be Veep, McCain/Palin will then win for a number of obvious reasons, the GOP will be rejuvinated as the Party of REAL change, and Palin will likely go on to become the first female President of the United States (and as a life-long GOPer myself, I'll enjoy it all the way watching the squirming Dems and MSM).

You can take this comment to the bank!"

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