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Friday, November 04, 2005



I recently heard a story that said Washington state's smoking ban could be in trouble because the backers of the ballot measure had gone to far. They wrote the measure so that smoking would be banned anywhere within 25 feet of an entrance or window of a public building. It will be interesting to see if that really does put a damper on the measure. It seems extreme.

spoon agave

For all the very good things about Governing, and there are many, what I have most trouble with is yesterday's news. It seems to take the magazine a long time to pick up on major issues. Almost as if it is waiting to make sure it will be safe to discuss something. Of course, I should make a disclaimer here...I live in Vermont where cutting edge issues have become the norm in public discourse, i.e. civil unions, single-payer health insurance, and the use of the National Guard to name a few.

I notice that it is sometimes a year or even two or three before Governing picks up these major debates and movements. For instance the National Guard issue which appeared in the September issue. Or the agribiz story in the same issue. I have been aware of local control vs corporations churning in Pennsylvania for the past couple years. These are pretty big issues. Did Governing just become aware of them? I wish you guys could sense the big stuff a lot quicker.

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