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Thursday, December 29, 2005



A few years ago, some wag proposed that Kansas change its slogan to "Gateway to Nebraska", and Nebraska (or one of the other square states) should be "Miles and miles of miles and miles" - having endured three Jack London-like winters in North Dakota, I would have voted for that one.

I personally have never seen any research that supports the notion that a catchy slogan brings any tourist dollars into a state. when visiting Estonia 2 years ago, our tour guide handed out souvenir folders that were produced by that country's tourism ministry. The slogan on the front was paid for with approximately one million of their tax dollars in the hopes that it would generate more tourism. The slogan? "Visit Estonia". At least ours are mostly dreamed up by amateurs entering contests - and worth at least what we pay for them!


How about Iowa's slogan of "A Place to Grow"? We won't say what they grow......


Do a Google search on Hyrum Utah. The web developer must have used an over the counter template and didn't see the spot for the slogan. While it doesn't show up on the web site, the result of the Google search is worth looking at. And it may be the best slogan of all.


According to our new governor, WV is now "Open for Business." At his inaugural ball held last January, there were various types of large construction equipment, signs, and orange cones set up in the different themed ballrooms.


First, the Anna Nicole Smith remark is very funny. Many critics of the new Kansas' slogan find a sexual reference in it somewhere. One artist recently proposed a 200' foot long billboard of a reclining woman along one of the interstates bearing (baring?) the state slogan.

I prefer Kansas' actual slogan (which predates the current governor's misguided tourism spending efforts by a little over a hundred years): Ad Astra Per Aspera

but using it requires that the reader would have to have done more than obtain a modern public school education.


I stumbled upon this site as I was in the process of doing some online research. It sounds silly to us, but coming up with a catchy slogan that stays in people's minds can really make the difference for a state's tourist economy.

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