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Friday, April 07, 2006



Geez - what's next - moving the lethal injection process into the courtroom to cut down on murders in the Lone Star state? Maybe Judge Bean should just hang 'em as they leave the bar. I think all it would take to call off the TABC would be for one of the Bush twins to get picked up.

Alcoholics Info

I am in favor of creative ways to significantly reduce the number of alcohol-related accidents and fatalities, but sting operations consisting of arresting drinkers while they're still in the bars seem a bit much. Let’s create a very possible situation. My buddy and I are in a bar and my buddy decides to get drunk as a skunk. Since I agreed to be the designated driver, I will drive my buddy home after our night is over. Should the TABC officers arrest my buddy? No way!

Alcohol Awareness

I agree that arresting drinkers while they are still in the bars is over the edge but not because of the complaints from the tourism officials or because these sting operations are soiling Texas’ “hard-drinking image.” Arrests made by TABC while drinkers are still in the bars are too intrusive and illogical. This being said, however, I don’t think that Texas’ “hard-drinking image” and tourism concerns should affect the rationality and the intent to significantly reduce the number of alcohol-related accidents and fatalities in the state of Texas.

Responsible Drinking

I’d like to see a sting operation that follows TABC leaders to their local bar to see how much they drink!

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