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Monday, May 01, 2006



From this looks of a story in today's Philly Inquirer, New Jerseyans LIKE paying extra for full serve. Those gas prices might not be dropping anytime soon.


Deborah Johnson

I live in Wash. State, and our neighbor to the south, Oregon, still has full serve. I always regard it as a nice treat when I'm visiting their state! More broadly, I and most others I've ever talked with about it regard it as a "jobs" law. Here's a 2003 article from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer commenting on both Oregon & NJ (which, it turns out, are the only 2 left that do this):

Ellen Perlman

That's a pretty funny story you linked to. Self-serve suicide versus self-serve gas indeed! I see what you mean about full serve as a jobs bill. But in terms of the changing the law, I don't see why the law couldn't mandate having at least one full serve pump for those who have trouble with, or antipathy toward, pumping their own gas. Why everyone is forced to sit and be served is beyond me.

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