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Thursday, June 22, 2006


Christopher Swope

Let me get this straight: the IT guys are in a position to decide what sorts of things state employees should and should not be reading?

Routledge doesn't want to get into a philosophical discussion about the difference between blogs and news sites--but isn't that precisely the distinction they're trying to make? Please, let's have the philosophical discussion. Better that than offering no explanation whatsoever why you're censoring some sites and allowing others.

Deborah Johnson

Personally, I consider it a valuable part of my work to know which way the political winds are blowing! Does that mean spending a lot of time reading blogs? Nope. But I do read this one every day, and occasionally a few others when they're discussing something of relevance to my work. Like so many things, this seems like an effort to make rules for those who need the most control, while affecting those who have enough personal control of their own to behave appropriately.

Marty Cohn

I wonder if they have blocked access to this blog site.

Christopher Swope

13th floor must be on the KY hit list: I checked our traffic analysis, and hits from Frankfort dropped to zero on Wednesday. Anyone in Kentucky know otherwise?

Christopher Swope

Amendment: we had a ton of hits from Frankfort on Thursday (sorry, the Thursday data wasn't available when I checked earlier). So I guess we're not on the hit list. Or were we on it and then removed?

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