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Friday, August 04, 2006


Richard Wilson

The statue depicts a highly erotic ritual from the high plains called "Horns of a Buffalo" and should be banned from viewing by anyone with any interest whatsoever in sex.


There's a lot of crazy stuff going on over there. A lot of crazy, wild, wonderful, scary, freaky stuff... And I want in.


The statue is a beautiful work of art. It has nothing to do with a sex act. The america public should not be so uptight with nudity. In Europe all the statues are nude and they have been for centuries. We need to start to understanding that nudity is not ugly or sexual and appreciate our bodies.


Nude sculpture update:

I live in Loveland Colorado, just a few blocks away from the statue. First, the street is hardly busy, it's on the SE edge of town in a rural area. After a few imaginative pranksters came and "clothed" the sculpture under cover of darkness, it was quietly removed in the middle of the night in early 2007 and now resides in the city's main sculpture park behind some view-blocking foliage.

I agree there's too much prudishness concerning non-sexual sculpture in America -if you act like it's dirty, people will think it is and crave it more. And protest it more. That being said, if you go to the sculptor's main website (some Nordic woman, I can't remember offhand) you'll see the original name for the piece was not "Triangle", but "Playful Togetherness". Wonder why the name change?



This is typical Loveland conservetive porno sculpture. In a town run by conservative developers what do you expect. They think nudity is cutting edge. I have lived in Loveland for 10 years and have seen many ugly sculptures here. You should check out the many sculptures of fiendish ugly children that are around town. Ballyhooed as an art town, Loveland is just another western town in the grip of conservetive, greedy developers and politicians. Nudity realy isn't the issue, Art is.

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