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Monday, September 18, 2006


Robert F. Sanchez

As a former editorial writer for a major newspaper (Miami Herald, 1974-2000), I can attest that there's another factor in journalists' support of consolidating local governments: fewer candidates to interview at election time. Moreover, when there are fewer units of local government, there's a better chance for the media to provide in-depth coverage and more accountability than when a region has more jurisdictions than a newspaper can possibly cover well.

John Morris

I don't wan't to put a negative spin on this but most media has a longstanding history of supporting big centralised government/statism. So one can just see this as fitting that pattern and not much more.


Well if you want to talk regionalism, a plan is now in the works for regional government on the North American Continent.
10 independent republics(# flexible, with state borders intact and each having the Constitution and Bill of Rights as the basis of their governments) would be created via an Article V National Constitutional Convention. This has become necessary due to the fact that the federal government, in the view of many, has been hijacked by greedy, globalist interests, no longer responsive, by and large, to the NEEDS and desires of the states and populace. See link below for more info:


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