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Monday, October 02, 2006


Deborah Johnson

I don't know whether this stuff is "worth" preserving. What I do think is that at some point our predecessors probably thought the stuff we now revere was old and outmoded, so I am willing to question my own impressions. This has come up a couple of times recently in Olympia, our capital city, where I am currently a planning commissioner. One 1950 building that is listed is an old Christian Science church, now used as an art school. See photo at . This was before us for rezoning in the recent past. The state is also looking at demo'ing the modernist General Administration bldg. on the Capitol campus. See photo/article at . It is not listed. Even if the building is not saved, there's a cool mural inside that is worth keeping.

Also, I recently visited Palm Springs, which it turns out has a society dedicated to modernist preservation (they call it "Desert Modern"). See .

Deborah Johnson

All the links were stripped out of previous posting.

Christopher Swope

Here's Deborah's links:

Christian Science church: http://www.mariahartschool.org/location.html

General Administration building:

Palm Springs Modernist Committee:

Christopher Swope

What's interesting is how our own impressions change over time. Five years ago, I think I might've hated that General Administration building in Olympia. Now, I find myself liking the lines and proportion of it.

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