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Monday, December 18, 2006


Tom Gee

Add to this that many police officers are in the reserves and when they are called up to active duty they deplete the local police force. Larger departments are better able to handle this than smaller PD's. I base this on my 30 years experience in law enforcement.

Richard Wilson

Would this be a suit of arms?

Deborah Johnson

Evidently Washington State Patrol is responding to this phenomenon, as well; recently it was announced that they are considering dropping the minimum age to 19-1/2 to increase recruitment. Wearing my "citizen" hat I'm not sure I'm comfortable with that; then again, it's the same age as a lot of folks toting weapons on our behalf in foreign lands.


Deborah, you actually may be lucky if that's all they're doing because a Washington Post article earlier this year included this line: "Elsewhere, departments have dropped their zero-tolerance policy on drug use and past gang association..."
Tom, that's a really good point and one I hadn't considered (and Richard, your puns are always appreciated).

Tom Gee

19 1/2 is way too young and in my opinion so is 21 (I would prefer 25). I say this because policing a free society is very complex and requires a great deal of maturity and good judgment (things which are hard to train "in to" a young recruit in the academy).

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