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Thursday, December 28, 2006



Well said, Josh! Dare I say that your arugment is loaded with common sense?...

My "favorite" opening line that calls upon the use of common sense is: "Common sense dictates..." Not only does the speaker's opinion claim to be superior, it also controls all other thought and action on the matter at hand!

I would also argue for the abandonment of many other cliched phrases, not the least of which is: "At the end of the day..." Meaning: if we ignore all meaningful discourse and debate and "cut to the chase," the following is what should/must occur. Again, following the same "my viewpoint shall dominate the decisionmaking process" as "common sense."

I don't know about you, but "at the end of the day" all that I'm doing is leaving this room and going home...


It's funny that you mention "at the end of the day" because that phrase has been a source of special disdain in my family. My parents have observed that it spans all age, gender, racial and socio-economic groups: truly the universal insufferable cliche.

Another Scott

In the past, the word 'common' was used with such words as 'sense', 'good', 'decency' and 'values'. Its use was supposed to be inclusive. That is because most people within the same geographic area, once called a community, shared the same beliefs.

However, there also was a concept that used to be 'common sense'. That was respect for the dissenting opinions of others. Today, when the only thing we have in common is the use of hyperbole, we have abandoned the concepts of respect and of community. We no longer have, nor do we desire to have, anything in common, so the word 'common', no matter how it is phrased, has become a derogatory term.

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