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Friday, December 29, 2006


ivan swift

Taking names off a map for no good reason -- probably for bureaucratic makework, if the truth be known, should be condemned. what's next -- western Kentucky's Monkey's Eyebrow and Bandana? Eastern Kentucky's Kingdom Come? the closest crossroads to where I live in Alabama is called Black Cat. once it had no name, but many years ago a county road work crew was trying to coordinate with another road crew on where to meet. One crew member recalled that both crews had seen a black cat at the intersection of Reedy Section and Wall Triana Roads the previous day. "let's meet where we saw that black cat yesterday," he said. Out of that the intersection got named Black Cat.

Wes F in Hapeville

My hometown of Pinhook, IN doesn't make Rand McNally's Road Atlas, but it does make the official Indiana map (warning - link is a large .pdf. I grew up in the one in Lawrence County; there's another one up in LaPorte County).

It's probably safe on the official map, though, as the current Lieutenant Governor of Indiana grew up in that area and is a member of the Pinhook Church of Christ (the church where my family has attended for 140+ years, no less).


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