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Monday, January 29, 2007


Tom Gee

I guess I don't get the connection between diminished physical capacity (handicapped) and dimished financial capacity. Is the assumption in SF that handicapped people are also financially handicapped? I guess I am assuming that physical ailments are non-discriminatory in nature with all socio-economic groups having somewhat equal risk. I know several affluent people with diminished physical capacity often due to age. Maybe I'm just too calloused.


I recently got a ticket for parking on a Sunday in a metered spot. The meter said “free parking.” I wrote to the DPT and protested my ticket. They wrote back and said that they had not made a mistake and that the ticket was issued correctly. Hmmm ok lets see cars are doubleparked in my neighborhood for two blocks long on Sunday for church, but I get a ticket for parking in a metered zone marked free.

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