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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Brian Gongol

Per-mile taxes are the way of the future, but Oregon's method of applying them seems too intrusive on personal liberty. Much better would be a simple plan to take annual odometer readings to achieve the same result.

Dick Friedman

Unless I'm being really dense, the gas tax IS a tax on use. Don't drive, don't pay tax on gallons. Drive a lot, use more gallons, pay more tax.

If the politicians are too gutless to increase the gas tax to pay for the roads, then they should legislate (during stable times, when no one will notice) that gas taxes should be indexed to the cost of living.

It's simple, invisible, and the next generation of politicians can say they had nothing to do with it.


Though your post is a bit dated, I thought I'd supply a relevant link to a post at rightOregon.org which contains more details regarding the "Road User Fee" Pilot Program Oregon is testing as well as objections to "Congestion/Rush Hour Pricing" and "subsidies to fuel-efficient vehicle" nuances being considered alongside the program.

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