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Thursday, January 25, 2007



Just one problem with this: commercial airplanes are the dodos of 21st Century Earth. The airline sector is the fasting-growing sector for greenhouse gas emissions, and the present or imminent peak in global oil production means that, from now on, flights are going to become so expensive that the industry (which has already managed to lose money overall for a century) is going to shrink to a sliver of its present bloated size.

So don't make any big plans, except for what kinds of crops to grow in between the unused airstrips.

Serious urban planners should be figuring out how to make sure that their city residents have the least exposure possible to financial ramifications of airline industry collapse.

Christopher Swope

I doubt air travel is about to die off anytime soon. The cost of it may go up, however. Britain has already upped its air taxes, ostensibly to cut down on carbon emissions.

As for the aerotropolis concept, it's already happening here--just not in the same master-planned way that Asian cities and Dubai are going about it. Look at all the high-tech business around Dulles Airport in VA. Look at DFW airport in Texas, which is really a city unto itself.

That said, US cities probably should so some more thoughtful development planning around their airports. And if you don't have a direct passenger rail link from your airport to the nearest downtown, you're simply not in the big leagues.

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